Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i love civic! ~ yeah

one subject left
MyEm0.Com and i'll be free from these chain!

yeah, i admit xm week is fun
it forces me to study
yeah.. i wish i could be like
'hayyan in the xm week'
for sure i'll get 11a1 in my SPM..

hurm, talking about spm..
MyEm0.Com i don't think that i'm ready
really2 haven't ready for it!
as usual..
not even an action i've took
to make myself ready..
it's like....
erm, don't care...

about the paper today
i've sat for psi n civic papers
the psi paper 1 is so damn hard!
*it's a hyperbolic actually..
the paper is quite good actually
it forces my brain to work harder than usual.. MyEm0.Com
to 'bantai' on some ques..

for the civic's paper..?
students were given an hour to complete it
but, most of us managed to finish it
within 10 minutes!
this shows how civilized we were MyEm0.Com
how easy the question is!

we have been given the permission
to go back earlier..
kalu kitorang x balik un,
kitorang akan tdo kat situ.. MyEm0.Com
kan dah bwang masa..
its better for us to go back to the hostel
and do some revision for tomorrow's paper right?

hurm... i think that's all for today's post
my stomach is begging to be filled with food
better go to the canteen
anybody want to spend me?
i'm out of money la...

*apa f(x) sivik diajar?
still searchin for de answer..

2 sticky notes:

♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

nak suh student bersivik kot..
tapi rasenye dh cukup sivik dah kite semua.. hehehe
student baek~

mekanikaEVO said...

kita mmg baek..!