Saturday, May 02, 2009

xperience ~ gud one? dont think so..

30 april 2009
a day that i wouldn't forget..
the day i'm back home for holidays!
i started my journey at 3.00p.m.
arrived at the KTM..
i waited for 20 minutes
until the train came (its more to a comuter i guess)
whoa! MyEm0.Com
that day was sure a busy day..
lots of people in the comuter..
and waited for the comuter
the situation in the train
is much similiar like you are in a sardin can
reaaaaaaly 'sempit'..
i need to stand + carry my bag
along the journey
could you imagine?
standing with my 'lenguh' leg
after the sukantara
n now,
i need to stand for
45-50 minutes ! MyEm0.Com
be patient hayyan,
only 13 station
n you'll arrive at the KL central
(yeah right.. only!)
i finally arrived at the KL central at 4.45 (i guess)..
then, i xchanged train
taking the one leading to seremban
n again..
i need to 'bersesak' in this train..
especially after the mid valley station..
n after 5 station passed,
i finally arrived at kajang
(the meeting point wif my parents)
i found my parents haven't arrived
i decided to call
tut.. tut.. tut..
hayyan: assalamualaikum..
mama: waalaikumsalam, abg kat mana?
hayyan: la, kat kajang la..
mama: apsal x telefon? mama kat klang ni.. otw ke kuala selangor.. abg ada duit lagi x?
hayyan: ada.. napa?
mama: bli tiket pegi klang balik la.. mama tunggu kat sini
hayyan: (what!!? need to return back to klang?)
mama: pas ambik abg kita brtolak pgi klantan trus
hayyan: .... okla.. MyEm0.Com
*call dropped
i bought another ticket to klang
hoping that my luck is better this time
but then i realized..
its time for office people to go home!
the number of people waiting for the train
>150 i guess
the first train..
too many people were rushing into it
n i missed it
waited for the second train
luckily it arrived 8 minutes later
also need to 'bersesak'
n stood on my foot along the journey..!
arrived at KL central, i met syahmi n farhan MyEm0.Com
we had a short conversation
and i continued my journey
this is the worst
the trip to klang is really 'teruk'
the number of passenger is doubled
n i missed the first train
lucky again..
the second train arrived 4 minutes after..
the situation never changed..
as usual, need to stand along the journey
had a conversation with a SMAP KAJANG student,
n i arrived at klang on 9pm
i found my family waited for me outside the station
n my father hurriedly start our journey to kelantan
the best part begun..
during the journey,
suddenly my father felt that something was not right with the car..
stopped at the roadside
checking the fault..
everything seems to be normal..
but our car still wouldn't start
luckilly 'plus ronda' came
they checked our car
told that the car's timing belt had snapped
my father called the towtruck
whoa! tow truck?
how xciting!
we arrived at the workshop at 1.15 a.m
had supper on 1.30 a.m
and finally home at +-2.15 MyEm0.Com
............kacak/hensem/macho is me
so, what we can learn from the story above are:
*don't forget to call your parents before you start your journey
*dont forget to do mantainance on your car

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♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

cm best je nek towtruck..