Sunday, June 14, 2009

when is the next holiday?

wargh!! x puas ag r
pejam celik pjam clik mid year oliday dah abis
apa?! dah abis? cpatnya.. cek calndar jap...
hurm, its 14 june..
yup.. da holiday is over
for those who is studying at boarding sch
will go back to their 'boring' hostel today.. (boring? yeah, for me it is..)

2 sticky notes:

syafiqq1991 said...

school is a life heaven. Why u wanna runaway from a heaven?

believe me that when we are studying rezeki kita akan melimpah ruah.. Dont u realize that?

belajar adalah ibadah! taknak pahala ke?? kala bersungut camni............ no comment

mekanikaEVO said...

erm, x ckp skola boring..
ckp asrama jep yg boring.. hehe